How to play roulette correctly?

How to play roulette correctly?

The purpose of predicting the hole

The purpose of playing roulette is to predict and guess which square the ball will fall on after a certain number of spins. Just before the spin, you must place a bet on one or more of the 36 squares on the table (not counting 0) when the dealer announces it. You can bet on more than one square because hitting a particular square is obviously very difficult, but more on that later.

The dealer releases the ball after you have placed a bet and he has told you “no more bets”. The ball gets prizes according to your bet when it stops spinning and hits one of the holes. Generally speaking, the more squares you leave free, the better the prizes, but the less chance of winning. After learning the rules, we can move on to looking at the proper way to play roulette.

The rules and dynamics of casino roulette can simply be grouped according to the different stages of the game, from player registration to prize collection. Tell us what it is.

Before the game starts, each player chooses the chips they want to play with.

After all players have gathered at the table, they need to bet on any square number or combination of them. The bet must exceed the lower limit of the selected table.

The ball will land on a particular square after the croupier announces “no more bets”.

The roulette payout table determines the bet the player receives if it lands on the selected square. It can be found at the bottom of the article. Otherwise, he will lose his money.

Once the player is officially notified of the amounts bet and results, he can leave the table.

How to play roulette correctly?

What are the differences between European and American roulette rules?

European roulette rules differ significantly in table layout and number of squares. American roulette has 37 squares, 36 numbers and 0; European roulette has 38 squares, with 0 plus double 0. This difference also affects the house edge, which is 5.26% in American roulette and 2.70% in European roulette. The house edge partially solves this problem: when the ball hits the 0 point, the bet remains frozen for the next round.

The rules of American and European (or French) roulette are completely identical with regard to the dynamics mentioned above.

How to start playing Winshark?

After registering on the Winshark game page, you need to choose a roulette vertical. You will be able to play roulette after making a valid deposit.